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A default judgement is a decision by a judge in favour of a plaintiff in the event the defendant failed to show up in court. A default judgement rendered by a UK court can be enforced in Austria under the conditions of the Austrian – UK treaty on reciprocal recognition

An insolvent debtor can apply for the grant of legal aid under Austrian law. The first prerequisite for the granting of legal aid is that the bankrupt’s estate is not in a position to raise the necessary funds for legal proceedings. The primary factor to be taken into account here

Art 83 et seq. of the Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 (hereinafter, the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR ] provides for severe administrative fines (up to 2% of the total word wide annual turnover) in case of infringement of laws on data protection. Supplementary to the GDPR, Austrian legislation, however,

Pursuit of warranty claims and claims for damages in a construction project not only requires knowledge of the contractual legal framework. In practice, efficient project implementation will first of all depend on the quality of the project organisation. Such already starts with release of the tender documentation which should provide for an as clear as

Whether a burglary is covered under a household insurance depends on the certain qualified circumstances and the conditions of the insurance policy.​As an example: the thief stole the apartment key from the insured person’s coat pocket unnoticed, which the accomplices then used to enter the apartment and steal valuables. According to the conditions

The term “cash pooling” refers to a type of cash management within a group of companies, whereby excess liquidity from each of the group companies is usually transferred to a central ‘master account’ of the group parent company. In case of a liquidity shortfall, loans or repayments are effected from

Yes, in a recent case an insolvency administrator successfully sold to an investor for a purchase price of EUR 5,000 the right to contest the insolvent company’s sale of a real estate to the wife of the manager of the insolvent company. The investor then filed a lawsuit against the

In the business sector it is common for companies to fulfill their contractual obligations towards their customers by commissioning subcontractors or agents. These persons are generally liable if they culpably cause damage to property or personal injury. Nevertheless, for several reasons it can be difficult for a customer to collect

In Austria a company with limited liability must have at least one managing director. Thereby, the Austrian Act on Limited Liability Companies (“GmbHG”) provides that managing directors are to be appointed by a shareholder resolution (section 15 GmbHG). However, as the list of issues that can be resolved only in a

Employees have no general right to object to the transfer of their employment, except in cases where the new employer is not willing to guarantee the continuation of already existing company pension schemes or refuses protection against termination of their employment in accordance with those provisions of the collective agreement