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Yes. Several legal provisions provide for a person’s obligation to provide accounting information. For example, if someone has been commissioned to carry out a transaction for another person, that person is obliged under section 1012 of the General Civil Code (ABGB) to render an account to his principal upon request.

Yes. Pursuant to the bilateral treaty between UK and Austria, which is in force since 1962, certain judgements in civil and commercial matters given by a “superior court” (for definition see further below) in Austria or the UK shall be recognised and enforced in the territory of the respective other

A default judgement is a decision by a judge in favour of a plaintiff in the event the defendant failed to show up in court. A default judgement rendered by a UK court can be enforced in Austria under the conditions of the Austrian – UK treaty on reciprocal recognition

An insolvent debtor can apply for the grant of legal aid under Austrian law. The first prerequisite for the granting of legal aid is that the bankrupt’s estate is not in a position to raise the necessary funds for legal proceedings. The primary factor to be taken into account here