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Commercial Law

Under certain circumstances, a contracting party may be released from its obligation to perform if the performance of the service has become unaffordable and unreasonable in an unforeseeable manner. Generally, fixed-term contractual relationships may be terminated with immediate effect for good cause, such as impossibility of performance, before the expiry

If the parties have not made an express choice of law, a contract for the sale of goods shall be governed by the law of the country where the seller has his habitual residence pursuant to Article 4 1. (a) of the EU Regulation No 593/2008 on the law applicable

The term “cash pooling” refers to a type of cash management within a group of companies, whereby excess liquidity from each of the group companies is usually transferred to a central ‘master account’ of the group parent company. In case of a liquidity shortfall, loans or repayments are effected from

In the business sector it is common for companies to fulfill their contractual obligations towards their customers by commissioning subcontractors or agents. These persons are generally liable if they culpably cause damage to property or personal injury. Nevertheless, for several reasons it can be difficult for a customer to collect