Austrian Law Blog:


Authoring Guidelines

The Austrian Law Blog is an online platform under the registered trademark Legal Services Austria written for people interested in Austrian legal subjects of practical relevance.

Author Requirements

In-house counsel, legal professionals or law students can write for the Austrian Law Blog.

Submissions must be the original work of the author and not previously published or simultaneously pitched to other publications. Self-promotional articles are not accepted.

How to Contribute

Legal Services Austria accepts proposals for articles with comments, reactions and legal interpretations on (recent) decisions of the Austrian Supreme Court and/or developments in Austrian legislation.

The Austrian Law Blog is intended to cover areas of interest to in-house counsel, entrepreneurs and private individuals.

Articles should have a minimum content of approx. 200 words and should be no longer than approx. 400 words.

Proposals can be submitted through the Austrian Law Blog’s Article Submission Form.

The editor will evaluate the draft proposal and determine if it meets the Austrian Law Blog’s standards. After the article proposal is submitted, the editor will review it and provide feedback on placement within two to four weeks. If the proposal has been accepted, the editor will work with you on a publication schedule to go through rounds of edits and finalise the article. Finally, we publish your article. Blog contributions may also be distributed via social media buttons.

The author assigns to the publisher of the Austrian Law Blog free of charge the exclusive right to publish and use the blog contribution written by the author. The editor may delete a published law blog contribution from the website at any time and without being required to indicate the cause to the author.